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  • Disc

    Coir discs are made by compressing the 100% pure organic peat in a disc with round shape dies to become flat cylinders shaped product. They are available in various sizes in diameters.

    Coco peat discs re-wet easily and have good water retention abilities also they are biodegradable at any stage.

    The discs are ideal for growing flowering and planting. It can also be used in seed trays for seed germination.

    The simple method of use is, to be placed on the container and then watered.

    Coco peat discs are well known for being used in hydroponic containers for small-scale plantings.

    Discs have advantages such as more sustainable and environmentally friendly, only requires less watering, fast germination rate, and air porosity, dimensions and size can be customized, rapid and denser rooting and No re-wetting issues.

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