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  • 50L Retail Bag

    GO GREEN 50L Bag is a premium Coco peat material buffered out of Calcium Nitrate. It is extremely low in potassium and 100% natural medium with very low Electric Conductivity (EC) Level. Our product allows high water absorption and maintains the essential air ratio for faster growth and stronger root structure allowing hazard-free growing under a range of various conditions. GO GREEN 50L Bag includes 100% treated material therefore fight against harmful fungus and insects is not a problem anymore.

    High water retention capacity and slow releasing nutrients ensure the continuous growth of the plants while creating strong rooting system.

    Benefits of using our GO GREEN 50L Bag:

    • Perfect air/ water ratio, therefore GO GREEN 50L Bag provides great aeration and porosity
    • 100% bio degradable product with low potassium, sodium, chloride and low tanning.
    • The PH Level is stable so that the product does not contain acidity nature.
    • Very low in Electric Conductivity (EC) therefore it is ideal to use as a seed starting media and support for root development of plants.

    GO GREEN 50L Bag is recommended for

    • Vegetable growers
    • Fruit growers
    • Hydroponics
    • Potting mix
    • Cannabis plantation
    • Seed planting
    • Root development
    ProductGo Green 50l bag
    Packing72 bags per pallet, Total 20 pallets for
    40 hc
    MoistureBelow 70%
    Electric conductivity(ec)Below 0.4 ms/cm
    Potassium (k)Below 200mg/kg
    Sodium (na)Below 200mg/kg

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