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  • Why Coco Coir/Peat for Cannabis instead of Soil?

    The history of marijuana cultivation dates back thousands of years. Cannabis is a hardy plant that can grow in several types of climate, in greenhouses or indoors all year round. However, you have to make sure that they are getting fresh moving air with required amount water and sunlight. Why many growers choose coco coir/peat as the growing medium for cannabis? Coco coir/ peat is the new growing medium for cannabis that gives the experience of growing in soil but with many benefits. Coco coir hydroponics will faster growth of the plant and bigger harvests. As well as coco coir is effective at holding onto moisture, nutrients for roots and it will help to prevent over and underwatering. When comparing to other growing mediums coco coir promote the healthy and fast development of the roots. 

    We recommend our Go Green Value Open top bag which we specially developed for cannabis. Coconut coir is a neutral medium that is entirely nutrient dependent. It improves the quality of the growing medium and encourages healthy plant growth. Usage of our products will relieve you from the pests and the bugs which affect soil growers.