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  • Twine

    Our coir twine is made out of natural coir fibre. And also it is twisted with an inner polypropylene thread which makes the twine tight and stronger. For the production we use mix fibre, bristle fiber, or baby fibre and it depends on the application of the twine. We could trim the twine to eliminate the hair on your request.

    We have a specially designed coir twine which is used for oyster and sea squirt cultivations. The twine is act as the growing medium of the sea creatures. Apart from that the twine can be used in the garden activities. The high tension, flexibility and biodegradability of our coir twine will improve the beauty of your garden. Natural brown and bleached white colors are available at your choice. Also the twine can used to cultivate hops as a hop twine.

    We produce with different thicknesses adequate for the final application. The twine is packed in roll form and re pack in master bundle to have a more loadability.

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