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  • Coir Pot

    Coir pots are manufactured with coconut coir fibre together with natural latex and moulded to the shape.

    The nature of the coir allows the water to drain via the soil and plants need no removals during pot plantation.

    It is proven that the plants grow in the coir pots have strong root structure than the plants grown in plastic pots.

    Since the coir pots are convenient for replanting without removing from the pot, 100% environment-friendly and seeding can be transplanted within the pot itself to the soil without pulling it up; it is more popular in nurseries.

    Our coir pots are manufactured in rubberised colour for suiting nurseries and home gardening, provide better growth than the one planted and grown in plastics and completely biodegradable are the features make it highly recommended. It is available in various colours and sizes upon the request

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