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  • Planter Bag

    Quick fill bags are made of organic coco peat or crushed coconut husk or combination of both with default-cut drain holes to make the bag itself act like a pot.

    After adding the water to the coir and get it hydrated inside, the bag will be ready for planting.

    The packs are UV treated plastic bags with the drain hole.

    Quick filling bags are used to make the planting job done so quickly and efficiently without hustle unlike other methods since they are ideal to grow vegetables and herbs anywhere with strong polyethylene construction with a larger amount of compost capacity.

    The planter bag gives multiple crop cycles. The medium used for growing does not require replacement with new crops since it’s done with substrates.

    Also, it is a medium, which is contaminated very less due to the self-contained system, which reduces the effects of being contaminated.

    There is another benefit that it brings out better hygiene for the longer-lasting process.

    Bags are available in various sizes and can be customized upon the customer request.

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    Planter Bags for Plantation