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  • Animal Bedding and Terrarium

    Coco Peat and Coco chips are used as bedding materials for its comfort and suitability for pets and reptiles. 

    Coco Chips are used as floor layers as they are ideal in absorbing moisture, quality of softness for cushioning, healthy and comfort.

    Pets and reptiles such as lizards, tortoise, snakes, iguana, turtles and frogs find healthy and comfort living with this natural bedding material of coco peat and chips.

    Advantages of coco bedding are

    • Waste reducing
    • Made from 100% Natural and Organic coco peat and coco husk without any artificial additives.
    • Maintains the health and safety environment for pets.
    • Soft and comfort and have no sharp edges.
    • Biodegradable and easy to dispose.
    • Healthy for animals especially for snakes, the natural substances of coco peat helps to grow muscles.

    Animal bedding can be ordered in any custom sizes for both retail and wholesale purpose with required packaging.

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