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  • Citrus

    Citrus fruit is a unique berry with the internal parts divided into segments. It includes lemons, oranges, limes, citrons, tangerines and grapefruits. Most of the citrus fruits are generally eaten fresh. Many beverages are prepared using orange, lemon and lime fruits. Juice of these fruits is used as an ingredient in salad dressing and squeezed over cooked meat or vegetable dishes. Citrus also is a good source of vitamin A, dietary fiber and folic acid which is important for blood cell formation and growth.

    When it comes to the growing process of citrus they will take 7+ years to produce a crop. Citrus trees prefer deep, well-drained soils with the pH 6-7.5. When selecting the site you have to make sure to select a place with maximum sun exposure and without strong wind.

    Since the plant requires a consistent water supply and a maintained moisture level, we always recommend Go Green Classic Open top bag as it consists of high water retention capacity.

    Our Product Specifications

    ProductOpen top bag(Planter bag)
    Our recommended grow bagGo Green Classic
    Recommended sizes30 x 30 x 30 cm and customized sizes
    Electric conductivityDepends upon your request
    Ph value5.5 – 6.5
    PackingIndividual LDPE inside black, outside white, minimum 350 g bag with 3 years UV protection
    LoadingTreated pallets with Polythene wrapping
    Volume and weightDepends on the final size
    Mesh sizeBelow 3/4 “
    MoistureBelow 18%
    Cargo fumigationMethyl Bromide/ Phospine
    Pallet fumigationHeat Treat
    LoadabilityDepends on the size and the weight restrictions of your region.

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