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  • Gerbera

    Gerbera belongs to the family of Asteraceae. Through hybridization, Gerberas are available in a massive array of colors. Gerberas appears like a single flower but actually a cluster of hundreds of individual flowers. When growing Gerberas, seeds should be germinated in an artificial growing medium. Our specially designed Go Green Gerbera Disc will provide an ideal medium for the germination process.

    After they should be transplanted in a site with morning sun and afternoon shade because they don’t tend to like temperatures above 70 °F. But it is a must to keep the moisture of the growing medium.

    It is better to use an organic material to enrich the medium such as our especially designed Go Green Gerbera Disk.

    Our Product Specifications

    ProductGerbera Disc
    Our recommended grow bagGo Green Classic
    Recommended sizes12 cm and customized sizes
    Electric conductivityDepends upon your request
    Ph value5.5 – 6.5
    PackingShrink wrap or Naked Disc in cartoon
    LoadingTreated pallets with Polythene
    Volume and weight Depends on the final size
    Mesh size Below 3/4 “
    MoistureBelow 18%
    Cargo fumigationMethyl Bromide/ Phospine
    Pallet fumigationHeat Treat
    LoadabilityDepends on the size and the weight
    restrictions of your region

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