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  • Geo Textile

    Go Green Geo textiles are made by 100% pure coir as a 100% natural product. Geo textiles also are used as a material to prevent soil erosion, accelerates growth of vegetation on banks and slopes. Geo textiles can be woven using both automated machine & hand operated machine.

    Most common are 400g/sqm, 700g/sqm geo textiles but we can supply between 300g/sqm to 100g/sqm based on the requirement. The weight per square meter is controlled by changing the type of twine used & number of twines used.

    No fertilizer content in the geo textile and composed soil should be placed over the geo textile if base soil is not good enough.

    Geo Textile could be either rolled up or baled as customer requirements. Contact us for inquiries and our team will advise accordingly.

    Advantages of using Go Green Geo Textiles

    • Work as a temporary cover soil until re-vegetation takes place and a shield against wind or water erosion.
    • Stopper for composed material, seeds & seed links.
    • Re-enforce soil.
    • Increase water draining.
    • High tensile strength.
    • Environmental friendly.
    • 100% renewable strength.
    • Biodegradable and improve quality of soil.
    • Can be laid on high gradients.
    • Aperture Size (Yarns per given length in both directions) can be adjusted to suit the application.
    • Available in variable sizes.

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